Wednesday 31 July 2013

A Nova-fied Tuesday

30th July

At the moment I normally don't work Tuesday but this Tuesday was a work day, a Nova day and as an added bonus it was my day with the three children visiting us. This was my first time teaching English to a very much younger Japanese student. I think it went well, I hope it did.

We did 'What is your favourite colour?'

We did ...
'What animal is this?' It's a koala.
'What colour is this animal?' It's grey.
 'What size is it?' It's medium.

We coloured animals and we repeated again and again and again. 

It's a crocodile.
It's green
It's big.

We did 'Whats your favourite animal?' I like ...
We played animal name bingo where the students had to find the first letter/ sound of the animal that I called out on their bingo card. Prize ... a freddo frog, yum!

We made origami koalas. Fast little hands were good at this. Some even made a baby koala too.

We had some artists at work on the white board.

We had some constructive mess.

We had puzzle making teamwork.

And some animal finding at the end.

We had races to find the Australian animals like the emu, the wombat, the snake, the platypus and the dingo. We had noise making which annoyed the people in the office next door hehe.

We had an alphabet game where the students gently threw a freddo (short on tools here) at the letter board and thought of something that started with that letter sound. F ... fffff ... frog
They got to keep their freddo.

We had some koala counting and colouring while waiting for their Mums.

In the afternoon we had some koala cuddling and watching.

We had some blue tongue lizard teasing.

We had some crocodile spotting and touching.

We also had some bird spying (another story) and some snake watching.
And lastly we had some tired feet and brains all around.

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  1. Well Jacana we are in need of a teacher for just 1 week in a fortnight, it is teenagers week ... Are you up for it? :)

  2. Hi Pieni it is fun and with a camera in hand I don't think I will ever find it boring no matter how often I go.


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