Thursday, 4 July 2013

NOVA: Student 1 Day 1

25 June 2013

I have nearly finished my second week in my new job.
I love it.

I love the view.
 I enjoy working with the people I do.

This fortnight we have had one student visit us at NOVA Cairns.
She has been lovely to have although the lessons provided are not quite what she needs but the coversation and laughs must be.

I think having a student and myself or Teacher P rattling around in the office is much loved by M the student councellor/ office runner.

I usually will work Monday, Wednesday, Friday when we have a student and those also are the long days or the excursion days. Our first excursion was a walk around downtown Cairns to help the student (and me) find things and become orientated. Part of that was dropping into Woolies and checking out what is avaliable and of particular interest to the student, the fruit. Fruit and veges and meat (other than fish) are a lot cheaper here than in Japan so the student has been living it up on fresh Aussie produce. I guess I'll need to remember that next time I think something fresh is expensive.

From here
Another part of our walk was walking past the City Library on the way to Cairns Central. At the moment, in fact most of the time, the trees around the library are filled with bats. The student was fascinated by them.

From here
  I think we had a nice day and I hope she did as well. I hope she learnt something and I know I did. I know that pawpaw or papaya were on her shopping list for the afternoon and it was enjoyed later as was the tennis on T.V. which in Japan isn't free to air except for the grand slam matches or the finals.
A ferry leaving Green Island


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  1. Must be awesome learning all these things from someone looking in from the 'outside'. It would be like looking at things for the first time yourself too. Great view! :)

  2. It is awesome seeing things from another point of view. It makes everything fresh. It is a great view and I love how it changes ... I could watch it all day.


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