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NOVA: Student 1 Day 2 - Cairns Wildlife Dome

26 June 2013

My second day at Nova was based around Australian animals. You may recall I made a comment about Echidnas and other animals learnt back here.

Our discussion varied from the names of native animals and where you find them to unusual or 'weird' animal based foods that are eaten around the world. We also looked at animals on road signs and what they meant as well as where you find them and whether they have been seen before as well as animals living in the wild in countries where they aren't native. I would have to say this is possible hands down the best lesson we are given especially for the student we have now. She has an avid interest in animals and loves seeing them.

Our afternoon excursion as mentioned in a previous post was to the Cairns Wildlife Dome (and Cairns Zoom) which is found above the Casino. You can wander around the mini rainforest like zoo and see the animals and attend feed times and demonstrations. You can also for an extra cost complete the Zoom courses above the animals which involve wearing a harness and hooking up to wires to complete an obstacle course in the air.

When you first enter the animal part of The Dome, as opposed to the reception gift shop area filled with animal toys, you encounter birds. There are Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, Red Tailed Black Cockatoos, Eclectus, Kookaburras, Ducks, Curlew, Tawney Frog Mouths and more I am sure. They roam freely flying around The Dome and filling it with sound.

There are also some other animals like various Lizards, a fresh water and salt water croc, Koalas and some nocturnal marsupials like some Mahogany Gliders and Rufous Bettong (which is pictured).

I really enjoyed our time wandering around The Dome and the plus was that once you have paid entry you can get in for the next 4 days which means you can go to the various feedings  like the evening presentations for the nocturnal animals. Also if your day right you can even go back to see the Salty being fed on a Sunday afternoon. He is only fed then at the moment because his need for food slows down in winter. During summer he is fed every day.

M from Nova Cairns also writes a bit of a blog about what she and we get up to around Cairns here (I copy and paste the text into google translator).

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