Tuesday, 9 July 2013

NOVA: Student 1 Day 6 - Farewell

 5 July 2013

Friday last week was my 6th and last day with Student A at Nova. It was her 10th day of lessons, her 11th day in Australia and her 2nd last day in Aus altogether.  The last day for a student with Nova is still a lesson day but it is also test day and much to Student A's excitement farewell BBQ day. The BBQ bit was the exciting part rather than the farewell part. By 11am the weather was not looking good for a barbecue.
We did however put the weather out of our minds and get down to finishing off or work (conversation), final journal entry and test.

I wonder how you would go with the 20 question test I made up that morning for the student?

After finishing everything off and happily giving Student A 20/20 on her test, presenting her completion certificate and a small gift of timtams from myself we headed down to the wharf for our long awaited BBQ.

When we got down to the public BBQs we saw a very interesting looking vessel docked at the wharf.


We also got to watch a dragline dredging just near the BBQs while we were cooking.

Student A was pretty enthusiastic about our BBQ especially because we were cooking kangaroo which she really wanted to try. She even had a go at being the cook.

Having previous experience with barbecuing kangaroo M cut the meat into small pieces to speed up the cooking process.

We then sat and ate our buns with kangaroo, onion and sauce followed by some lamingtons while relaxing, chatting and watching the port life.

After the BBQ we wandered along the waterfront heading for the Esplanade to drop Student A off at the Night Markets for a massage and some final souvenir buying.





It was a lovely afternoon and a nice finish to what had been a great fortnight.
I now have a fortnight until the next students arrive and then it is full steam ahead for the next month or so. I just hope the students keep coming in and filling up our calendars.

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  1. Looks like the perfect day. Checked out the blog link - liked the photos - little language problem though. It is a reminder to us what it must be like for your students thou.

    Amazing photos as always - never get sick of looking at your photos.

  2. It did turn into a lovely day. I am glad you enjoyed the photo part of the other Nova blog. Yes it does open your eyes to difficulties in translating. I am glad you enjoy the photos. Sometimes I feel I get a bit repetitive in what is posted but as long as people are still enjoying it.


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