Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Baptism

 The main reason I went down south was for my niece Miss E's Baptism.

After I arrived Sis C asked me to be Miss E's Godmother/ Sponsor.
I was honoured to be asked ... what else could I say but YES.

Miss E wore the same Baptism Dress/ Christening Gown that I wore, Sis C (Miss E's Mum) wore and Sis G wore. We hope it gets plenty more use in years to come and even changes ribbon colour on occasion.

There was no way Missy E mas going to lay down for the 'dress spread out' photo so standing or sitting it was. She even managed to balance sitting by herself for a bit.

She looked like a little princess or a cute dolly in that dress.

Sis C, BIL A, Miss E

Little Miss E didn't think much of being passed around after the service and was pretty tired but once everyone left and she got back the Granny's house, The Farm, and onto the floor with her toys she was happy as Larry.
Bye, Bye Miss E

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