Thursday 11 July 2013

No matter the weather ...

Cockatoos ... it seems that they are around in droves or should I say flocks no matter the weather. They obviously believe it is better to be out and about together especially as the weather here has been a bit wet and a lot windy.

Its a balancing act this sitting in the wind thing.
Group meeting 'Order, order, ORDER!'

'Hey you ... yeah you, wadarya lookin' at?'

I see you and you see me but I'm not here.

This is one of the swingers ... swinging in the wind.

Cocky hierachy 'Pst Bob, HEY BOB check up those fellas fluffing their feathers up there, they think they are sooo good.'

'Go on, nick off you didn't see nothin'.

'Peek a boo, I see you down there.'

Sharing is caring (left to right, top to bottom)

'So Marge whadaya reckon about that wierd person hangin' round.'

'Maybe if I sneek he won't see me getting closer'.
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  1. 7th picture from the top - classic - love it.

  2. It is, what a poser. I love the sharing ones. One started off with the bread and shared it with two mates and another came along and they shared with them to ... it was weird to watch.


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