Saturday, 20 July 2013

A Tablelands Saturday Morning

 What are you doing with your Saturday morning?

Mine is looking a lot like this ...

While looking out at this ...

And thinking about what I could do with this ...

Then getting sidetracked with looking at and playing around with these after of cause wandering around taking them ...

It is looking like a lovely, sunny Tablelands weekend (please take note of the sunny as it has been raining up here continuously for the last month).
I hope your Saturday is shaping up well.
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  1. Well, your images make me giddy to get out of the house and start snapping away! Now if this rain would just stop here in Florida, it would be a lot easier. Have a great rest of your weekend.

  2. I'm a bit naughty when I feel like that and tote the camera out in the weather, especially when the rain settles down, just because of the drippy photos I could get. It had actually stopped raining here for a bit of a change which was lovely.

  3. Your day looked beautiful! Love the piccies! We've had heaps of rain this week and snow is predicted, hasn't come yet though!

  4. Hi Blissful Bushnut, Thanks. Brrrrr snow predicted that is a little cool (secretly I am missing the cool weather and warm fires). Today was the first day in a few weeks that I even ventured into jeans. Cairns is still in shorts weather (or that's what I think). Good luck with the snow and I hope the rain is doing good things.

  5. Lovely photos - beautiful.

    I imagine Cairns winter would be definitely shorts weather a lot of the time!

  6. Hi Farmer's Wife, Thanks for you comment. Cairns is definitely shorts weather but the Atherton Tablelands is a bit cooler and where I sometimes need the warmer clothes.

  7. Saturday morning? I just made a short trip from Germany via Austria and Switzerland to northern Italy. Now it's already Sunday morning and in two hours I'm going to pick up five colleagues from India at Milan airport and than our adventure / business trip will begin through the "outback" of Italy... :-)
    Cordiali saluti, Uwe.

  8. @Uwe, Wow that is some travelling. Enjoy your trip through Italy.

  9. Ciao e saluti da Santuario di Caravaggio, cara Country Mouse! The first day of our German-Indian adventure trip is already over, we had much fun visiting the old (upper) town of Bergamo and its places full of historic treasures! Tomorrow the work will continue with a technical training about magnatic workholding and lifting technology, that's definitely totally different from being a tourist in Italy, but not less interesting (for guys who are interested in this technology).
    Buona notte - see you next time!

  10. What is that piece of fruit/vegetable ?

  11. Hi Jacana, it is a vegetable and supposed to be a vegetable spaghetti (squash).


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