Friday, 12 July 2013

Should QLD be Split?

This morning it seems that the newest thing to talk about ...again ... is splitting QLD into two states.
What do you think?

My initial thought was hell no what a silly idea.

And then I thought about it and how they would do it (this is all before even listening to the report).
Would they put the South East in a State of its own splitting the highest populated area from 'the rest of them', or is it the North and South that would be split leaving one state without the touristy attributes of the North, or the East and West meaning those in the West would have to change state to do their major shopping?
Which way do you think it would be done?

In some ways it might be good, I can see why some might want it. People in the city refuse to acknowledge their rural counterparts (sorry to those who do) and people in rural and remote areas miss out on so much funding but I don't think it would change a thing in the long run.

Maybe they want to split it because of the area of the state, but does that mean Western Australia gets split as well?

Really I think they should leave things as they are just because I can pretty much draw the Australian map we have now and I don't want to have to learn a new state name (what would they call it anyway?), possibly be in a different state without moving, have another set of road rules I have to think about. I also don't want to have to possibly go into another state to visit family and possible go through two state to visit my Grandparents it just sounds so much longer.

Okay so the plan would be to split it between Mackay and Rockhampton.
It is do do with announcement that no road money would be going north of Townsville and spiralled.
Bob Katter said it is to do with resources and lack of right and ability do do anything with them.
Biggest concern he was rung about, State of Origin. His reply doesn't matter most the players are from North QLD. They think it is time to take it to a referendum.
I say leave it be and share money and resources around (how much would it cost anyway to set up a new state?) maybe change how the state is run, a lot.
What do you think?

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  1. First thing I thought of ..... it is hard enough teaching the state and capitals and getting students to remember them - add in more ....... no thanks.


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