Thursday, 11 July 2013

What is happening in your garden?

It is ... it has been overcast and rainy in Cairns this week but I think the gloomy weather is making the bright spots of colour in my garden stand out all the more.

Today I read a blog post at She Sows Seeds that said so well what I so often feel at the moment.

A bit lost, unsettled, like this isn't home, like maybe this isn't where I should be.

Fortunately for me Mr Sparky saves my sanity a lot ... and makes me insane a lot.
Without him I don't think I could do it here but then again without him I wouldn't be here.

Our garden is trying to take root and thrive and that is what I am trying to do to.
There are good days, there are bad but in the end I am still glad this is where I am.
It is home for now.
It is where I am planted and where I will grow ... and thrive.

So no more gloomy, I need to keep looking for the bright spots about being here.
Change and growth are good.

So is eating your first Cairns home grown carrot and tomato.
Something we grew together in a new place.

I'm doing okay, we're doing okay.

Now I just need the strawberries to hurry up. 

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  1. My sister lives in Cairns so it's nice to read this - and about the weather! Emily @ Have a laugh on me - via Totally Thursday :)

  2. Enjoy your garden, successfully growing anything is an achievement. Make the best of where you are now, it's all part of the make up of your life. One day you will look back and be grateful of what you learnt, whether it be good or bad :)

  3. Looks like you have got the garden happening. You have made such a big move from cows and dust to city noises and neighbours. I think I would be feeling a little strange as well. You will find your niche.

    Thanks for linking in today.

  4. @ Jacana - yes we have a garden going although it is a touch and go one but it is growing things which is the idea. Yes it has been a huge change and a lot strange but I am getting there ... Mr Sparky is getting there. Working helps.
    @ Alicia - we are enjoying our little garden and are proud that we have managed to grow things. I am trying to make the best of it and enjoy the good things, the conveniences of city living.
    @ Emily - I'm glad you dropped by and enjoyed hearing a bit about Cairns.


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