Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Who Likes Oranges and Mandarins?

 Do you like your citrus fruit?
What do you think of oranges and mandarins?
Someone on The Dairy Farm does.
Can you guess who?

Peek a boo! Here they are, well some of them.
Who knew, Rainbow Lorikeets LOVE oranges and mandarins.

What is even better is I love taking photos of them and while they are feasting they are distracted and mostly still AND I can sneak closer to them.

Bright, colourful and gorgeous in their parroty way aren't they.
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  1. Wow, you got some really cool captures there! The rainbow parakeets are so pretty. :)

    We love mandarins and oranges in our house... actually pretty much all kinds of citrus.

  2. Oh, my, these photos are stunning! I couldn't believe what I seeing at first! We have no birds like this where I live except in the zoo. Thanks for sharing. Finding you at Communal Global :)

  3. WOW what beautiful birds!! Great pictures!!

  4. Hi Bev, Sharon and Buckeroomama, Thanks for your comments and looking by. They are Rainbow Lorikeets an Australian native found in a lot of areas including in the city. I love watching them fool around. I love cooking with citrus.

  5. The Loris are beautiful! We were able to feed some Lorikeets nectar in a bird canopy at the Singapore Bird Park many years ago. It was an awesome experience. Really gorgeous birds.

  6. Oh my goodness we don't get any birds this colourful in the UK


  7. Wow what pretty birds!! That must be such a special sight to see!

  8. I never knew parrots like citrus - well you learn something new everyday.

  9. I didn't know they ate citrus either Jacana but I guess they do.

  10. Thanks everyone for the comments on the bird photos. I am glad you liked them. They are so pretty.


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