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NOVA: Student 1 Day 3 - Rusty's Markets

28 June 2013

Can you see the smoke from a sugar mill?

Friday .. to be honest I have no idea what we did in class. We undoubtedly discussed many things from the English language to Australian slag to the tour the student had been on to Australian food and prices.

Our arvo excursion was to Rusty's Markets which are found on Grafton Street, downtown Cairns. They are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday and according to Mr Sparky's work mates are the cheapest place for fresh fruit and veg in town. The prices did look pretty good and their was plenty of fresh produce as well as some stalls selling other things like local coffee and tea, fresh seafood, jewellery, precious stones and other bits and pieces. I didn't get to see the whole market but I got the idea.

It was full of colour and fresh smells. I loved it.
Taking photos in a shop or market isn't something I have done before but I think maybe I should take it up ... there is so much to see.

The student loved the fresh seafood, the smells of the food, the familiar Asian salad vegetables, the tropical fruits and the variety of different foods.

From here

She also loved this stand filled with gems or precious stones, in particular the opals. Miss M was fascinated by the fossils.

I loved the piles of food and their signs.

As well as the flowers.

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  1. I haven't been to a market for so long, looks awesome and I can imagine it smells fantastic. You have the best job :)


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