Thursday, 18 July 2013

I can sing a rainbow

Monday, Monday, Monday was a dreary kinda day. It looked like winter. It didn't feel like it though. Actually this whole week is a lot like that with only patches of sunlight and blue sky.
I managed to see snippits of it from the windows at work between sessions of staring at the screen of a computer at a fellow called A who was training me in how to use the text books put out by Nova. They are pretty simple to work with it seems and there is some room for creativity if I wish ... by the way I wish. It is good to know how the books work though and how they are expected to be used.

Anyhow back to that 'I can sing a rainbow' thing that is going to get stuck in your head.
Yep 'Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue. I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, you can sing a rainbow too'.

At some stage M and I were looking out and noticed this change in the colour of the light over the mountains, well that and the fact that we could see them.
M's question was 'what is that?'  and my very guess like answer 'Umm part of a rainbow I think'.

 Well a little bit later that what we thought might be part of a rainbow turned into definitely part of a rainbow. A very low rainbow. A very short and wide rainbow. A beautiful bit of coloured light within a dreary kind of day.

A bit of sunshine lighting up the day.
What lights up your day?
Do you like rainbows?

Also in slightly exciting news ... no more catalogue delivering, YAY!
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  1. Amazing rainbow. Simply beautiful.
    Bet you won't miss the mailbox drops in grey weather like that.
    Glad to hear the new job is going OK. I am hanging out for the day you get a job as a photographer. You should send in some of your photos to National Geographic or something similar.
    Thanks for linking in today and sharing such incredible photos.

  2. what a great capture of the wide rainbow...I haven't captured a great one yet.sigh♥

  3. Oh yes, I like Rainbows :) 'smiles'
    Have a wonderful day :)

  4. Izzy loves rainbows and I love singing the rainbow song! :)

  5. @ Jacana, in weather like that we were lucky if the mail even came but if it did we were fortunate that it came to the table downstairs at the main house. I am glad you enjoy the photos so much. Maybe one day I might get there as a photographer but for now it is for me and I think I could learn a lot yet mind you, you can never say never. Thanks for all your positive comments and support.

  6. @ Pride in Photos, thanks. I would love to know how some people get such vivid looking rainbows though. I just keep trying and I am sure you will capture a beautiful one soon.

  7. @ Linnea, Thanks I love rainbows too, they make me think of good things to come. Have a great day.
    @Alicia, I remember teacher the rainbow song in sign language to some preppy kids they loved it and anything to do with rainbows. I love them too, they are just so happy looking and that song is just soooo catchy. Darn it is in my head again.


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