Sunday 14 July 2013

A Saturday Drive

 As the title suggests on Saturday we went for a drive (yep the obvious).
We headed up the Kuranda Range with rainforest hugging it close then kept on going inland through to Mareeba where the land is more open and filled with sugar cane and fruit trees,

We watched the scenery change as we (meaning I) sang along to whatever was on the ipod (Mr Sparky's ipod to be exact and singing to 'whatever' means making up the words to songs I'd never heard as well as the ones I knew).

Cane fields nearly ready for or waiting for harvest whizzed on by, well except when we were behind that cane truck that was turning off for the nearby sugar mill.
Did you know that sugar cane falling over is a good thing? It means it has high sugar content.

The feathery bit sticking up are the cane in flower. When the majority of the crop is in flower it is ready to harvest.


Not only was there fully grown cane but newly planted cane with green shoots sprouting, neatly planted in rows that faded into the distance.

I love the lines made by crops planted in neat rows.

The sugar mill in the distance was working hard with steam rising from its torrent like chimneys.


The further inland we went the drier the land seemed.

Dimbulah saw us turning off the main highway and heading 'bush' over creeks and on not as wide bitumen.


We then turned off again leaving the bitumen behind, trading it instead for corrugations, the crunch of gravel and dust rising behind us, oh and Mr Sparky driving slooooowwwww taking in the scenery from the confines of 'The Bull Catcher' (my car) with the windows down to take in the dusty fresh air and for photo taking.

Honestly it was heaven, dust and all. I didn't realise how much I missed those wide open spaces, the dirt roads, the trees, the dipping creek crossings, cattle grids and the scenery until I caught myself being unable to stop smiling. Freedom.
(The truth is I did know how much, just not quite how much.)


What a view!


Woops forgot the aerial ... some lovely cairns person stole my original so now it doesn't live on my car.

Mr Sparky remembered this tree from when he was a kid.

Road closed ... I wonder why?

Nothing better than the 'drrrr' crossing a grid.

This was not the end of our Saturday drive but just the beginning. Where did we end up do you think?
(hint: photos are worth 1000 word or in this case have them featured)
I'll be back to you with some more soon
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  1. Wow! What a stunning drive!! The sky is just so blue!

  2. Great selection of shots... I have never seen it in flower like that in images


  3. Thanks Pieni and Tamar. It was a beautiful day.

  4. I didn't know that sugar cane flowered until recently after moving to North Queensland. It is very interesting.

  5. You have some seriously amazing photographs!! I've never been that far up but my goodness - you've definitely wet the appetite! :)

    I look forward to reading your blog as it comes out. Cheers, Tracey :)

  6. Thanks Tracy and thank you for boarding the Grit and Giggles train. It is such a varying area with rainforest and sea on the coast and bush land, cane fields and fruit trees further inland, my eyes have certainly been opened and I hope you continue to enjoy the photos.


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