Thursday, 4 July 2013

Cute as a Button

Some serious cuteness below.

When I flew south to Brisbane I was met at the airport by this little lovely who is a cute as a button, her Mummy (Sis C) and my Mummy (Sis C's Mummy too).
It was a very welcome sight I can tell you because I times I miss my family terribly.
This also was the first time I had seen my gorgeous little niece Miss E since a couple of days after her birth at the beginning of February.

She can be a very serious little one staring, it seems, right into your very being or soul. Working out who you are and if she likes you.

I think I passed muster when while in the car she fell asleep holding a bib I gave her and my finger.
Oh and when she would try to come from me when her favourite Granny is holding her.
I think I am on Miss E's list, her in crowd.

Now Miss E loves lots of things already.
She loves her family of cause but she also loves trucks ... any truck will do.

She also loves Cookie Monster's bum ... yep I pushed her around the shops and she fell asleep sucking on his butt and that mouth didn't budge 'til she woke. She also loves Elmo but her Mummy has decided Elmo T.V, spoken books etc. are banned until she can talk properly. Meany Mummy. Its ok though, I agree because Elmo's speech patterns aren't very good.

Miss E loves tummy time but finds the lack of movement a little frustrating.

Miss E REALLY loves to snuggle and cuddle and nuzzle.

Miss E loves to play and when her Granny and I taught her a new game where you swing in close to tough noses she remembered it and wanted to play it when her Granny and I were standing close. She also likes flying, tipping and any other thrill seeking games.

Thanks to Bro S for the photos of me :)

Miss E however wasn't so sure about her first go in the Jolly Jumper. I think she might learn to love that one though.

Miss E loves chewing her fingers and slobbering everywhere but when it comes to her mashed pumpkin not much of that goes astray.

With her chubbiness, red hair and dark blue eyes I think she is a bit of a heart melter.



Well Miss E, her Mummy and my Mummy after some Brisbane shopping headed back to the Darling Downs. Unfortunately we had to drop Miss E and Sis C home along the way which was a pity, I was enjoying their company. Mind you it was ok that we did because we picked them back up the next day and I got to spend the whole weekend with them and the rest of the family.

While we were having that whole weekend together on The Farm we spent time playing, warming in front of the fire, eating, talking and exploring the farm.


Even though this post is filled with photos of my cute as a button niece it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy seeing the rest of the family as well and spending time with them ... in fact I loved it especially as they can hold a conversation (sorry Miss E). I also got to see my grandparents who were up from NSW and my Aunt and her fianc√© from not too far down the road. Sis G enjoyed having her big sis around to annoy her and Bro S loved having his big sis sleep on the top bunk above him.

I unfortunately had to fly back North again on the Monday after a very short but intense dose of family.

Finally just because I couldn't resist here as a couple more happy, early morning shots of the smiley Miss E.


Miss E reached the 5 month mark just the other day and I hope I get to see her again sooner rather than later and that goes for the rest of the family as well.
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  1. She is so adorable sleeping holding onto you and the bibby, cookie monsters butt is just hilarious, must smell like choc chip bickies!

  2. She is so cute and such a character.


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